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Identity Resolved Behavioral Targeting for Plastic Surgery, Aesthetic and MEDTECH

Marketing and advertising has been very costly over the years.  We have found this cost to be directly connected with the entire audience being exposed to the marketing/advertising.  Basically, the cost is connected to views, impressions or total viewership. Even though statistically only 3 percent of those people are ready to book a consult.  We longed for a way to ONLY advertise to those patients ready to book a consult today rather than paying to advertise to everyone.  Today, using our proprietary system you can do just that.  It is more cost effective and more dependable.  Patients who have exhibited consult ready behaviors, patients who are ready to book surgery, those are the patients we want to get in front of.  It is the quickest path to profit and the only real way to beat the competition. See the infographic below for an explanation of how the system works.

In the example below we will use plastic surgery, however, we also use behavioral targeting for non-surgical and other medical technologies and procedures. Contact us at 1-877-267-4111 or use the form below to schedule a 5 minute “NO SALES” call to find out more.

Its starts with our network of over 250 million consumers, these are real people who have accepted our cookie after completing a credit card transaction on the internet.  From there we built an identity graph, where we match their devices ID’s and their other identities (email addresses and other names). Then using behavioral targeting and machine learning, the system finds individuals based on the path to book a consult for Plastic Surgery.  There are over 70 different characteristics that are analyzed to understand who is consult ready. This then creates a list of individuals in your geographic area, that are most likely at this moment to book plastic surgery. They are either going to buy from you or your competitors. Its that simple.

That list is then feed into a Facebook or Google, and we serve ads to put you in front of those people. Additionally we feed that list into Google or Facebook data set to create a behavioral look a like match. We then serve ads to this custom audience. All of this drives traffic to your landing page and you start building a relationship with with these patients. Regardless of what happens at the landing page, the In-market Pixel  is fired, which triggers Artificial Intelligence to go back and see what that patient did over a period of time that drove them to that landing page. The Artificial Intelligence, then finds more people who exhibited those behaviors.  Tis continues and the system gets smarter and smarter.  Continuing to deliver ads, driving traffic to the landing page, firing the pixel, using artificial intelligence, and finding more people.

We can only work with a limited number of practices and only one per geographic area.  Please schedule a 5 minute introductory call for us to see if you are eligible for our program here.


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